In these pages, we will be taking an in-depth look at the popular aspects of rugby and its league. We will begin by giving a brief overview of the sport including how it is defined, the federations which govern the sport and give a basic explanation of the game.

We will then offer a more detailed look at the history of the sport and discuss how it separated from the sport of rugby union (mainly financial reasons are cited) to become its own independent game. After we have looked at the history we will cover two important points: the rules of the game and also some of the different positions which you can play in the game. Rules include the way you can score points and how you can pass the ball and the positions will look at what qualities you might need if for example you are playing on the wing.

After this we will look at two of the most popular teams who participate in rugby league. Given the north/south divide which occurred in rugby it might be of interest to look at a popular northern team, the Bradford Bulls, and a popular southern team, the London Broncos.

We will conclude by looking at some of the stark differences between the game of union and league, and some of the similarities (which there are more of than differences) before concluding by looking at the fascinating country of Papua New Guiana which holds the sport in incredibly high esteem.