Bradford Bulls – History

Bradford BullsOne of the most successful and well-known teams in the sport of rugby league is the Bradford Bulls. As their name suggest they are based in the city of Bradford in the United Kingdom and have been an active team in the sport since 1907.

The team has a long and varied history and was originally called the Bradford Football Club. They were then named Bradford Northern before finally becoming the Bradford Bulls. Though the team has been around for a very long time it is only in more recent history that they have achieved a great deal of success. The ‘golden years’ of the team were considered to be between 1996 until roughly 2011. For the past years, the team has struggled to win tournaments with the finesse and style like they used to in the golden era.

many of their difficulties since 2011 have been due to financial problems which they have encountered. In 2012 they announced that they needed a staggering one million pounds to keep their head above water. After struggling to get the money together the club went into administration. However, despite the problems which they have encountered many believe that Bradford will one again rise to the top of the game. 2016 has seen a number of new and talented signing for the team including players such as Kris Welham and Johnny Campbell, Jonathan Walker and Kurt Haggerty.

Odsal Stadium in the city of Bradford has been the home of the team for a number of years. They first played there in 1934. Due to financial reasons they have shared the stadium with a number of other sports teams and in 2012 in a bid to increase revenue for the team the name changed from Odsal Stadium to Provident Financial, the name of their sponsor.

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