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If you are against these Terms or other terms you are connected, we can start the process against you, including the termination of your account. You may also break the law, including Zynga’s intellectual property rights or violations. Any initiative is to weaken or manipulate the legal operation of any Zynga game, but all kinds of attempts made by you to disrupt or interrestrict in such a way that they are not limited to, and may also mean to oppose Zynga Policy and violate the criminal law or violation of civilized law .

In this Terms, the account you created in our services, regardless of the statements that are specified in the Property Terms of the Property Rules or the Properties of the Properties of the Properties of the Properties you prefer to use, and the account is not your goods. Likewise, this virtual item does not belong to you, regardless of “win” or “acquired” a virtual item over the services. Your account and relevant virtual items are Zynga’s property. Zynga; Your account and the corresponding virtual elements give you a limited license and right to use our services for the time we offer to you.

We can delete or terminate the accounts that are not active (eg, input) for 180 days to avoid the retention of any residual data and / or to make our services better.

It is forbidden to transfer Virtual Items, to sell, gift or exchange (eg: “real world”). We will not accept these speeds legally. It is forbidden to provide the sub-license of virtual items in exchange for “real” money, or exchange virtual items for any valuable goods outside the game. These speeds or cycles are prohibited and are invalid and therefore we can terminate your account.

Your user content will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy by Zynga. You are only responsible for protecting and backing your own content.

All user contents you share, publish or communicate will be considered as non-public and non-confidential content. You keep all ownership rights in the user content, use your user content and all of their modified and derived work in work, reproducing, distribution, preparation, display, display and implement all their studies, display and implement the application. You may not be undone (other than the given in the privacy policy), you have given a valid, copyright, non-exclusive license in the world. To the extent that the applicable laws permit, you will waive all your possible spiritual rights in the User Content (the right to be introduced as the author of the User Content or the use of the User Content for a certain purpose).

If, according to our own opinion, we have the right to remove any user content if these conditions and community rules or are not compatible with the current feature conditions. At the same time, we also have the right to disclose your identity on a third party claiming that any user content is against the right to property rights or any right. Y

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