Positions in Rugby League

Positions in Rugby LeagueJust as with all sports, there are several positions in rugby league which the players must adapt to make the game a success. Here we will outline some of the most popular positions that are used in the game of rugby league and what they must do in their respective position in the game.

The players in the game can be broken up into two main categories, though there are several subsections of these. The two main positions are a forward and a back. The backs are normally much smaller in size than the front and have a great amount of dexterity and agility. Their main purpose is to make breaks with the ball. On the other hand, fronts are normally much bigger, though they generally cannot run as fast as the backs. They often take the majority of the tackles and thus need to be physically able to do so.

The fastest players on the pitch are always the wingers. As the name suggest they are on the wings, the side of the pitch. The main role which they have is to break way and score tries, which is why they are fast, though they do have many other roles such as tackling.

The prop forward is another crucial role in the game. They are normally the biggest players on the pitch and they play in the centre of the field. The purpose of the prop forward is to have the ability, strength and power to run with the ball as quickly and forcefully as they can to make as much ground as possible.

There are many positions which are between the prop forwards who play in the centre and the wingers. They have a mix of both strength and speed and play a mixed role in being tackled and also passing the ball.

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