Rugby League Overview

Rugby LeagueThe full title of rugby league is actually rugby league football. It is one of the many full-contact sports. Other full contacts sports include not only rugby union but also martial arts such as judo and wrestling. The sport involved two teams, both of which are made up of thirteen players, and an oval shaped ball is used in the game. Though originally it was the same game as rugby union, the game eventually split over financial disputes between players, we will look at some of the differences between the two sports later. It has evolved a great deal since the inception of the game, the primary reason that the game changed was to make it more interesting for spectators to watch. The new rules were thought to make it a faster and cleaner game. Many consider rugby league to be the most physical of all contact sports and it is thought to be more difficult on the body than its counterpart rugby union.

The main premise of the game, and the way in which teams score points is to place the ball on the ground behind the line of the opposing team. Additional points can be scored by kicking the ball over the goal posts. We will discuss the precise rules in greater detail on another page. Rugby league is a fairly popular sport, though it is played in very specific localities. It is regularly played in the north of England, though there are some teams in the south, in Scotland and also in Australia, New Zealand and also in France. Interestingly, it is the national sport in Papua New Guinea.

The Rugby League International Federation govern the sport and the first world cup of the game was held back in 1954. Just like football, and many sports, the world cup is held every four years.

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