Rules of the game

Rules of the gameThough in principle rugby league is a simple game, like most sports, when you start looking at the details there are actually many complex rules to the game. Here we will look at how points are scored and also explain some of the rules that govern the game of rugby league. The main way of accumulating points in the game of rugby league is to score a try. A try is scored when the ball is placed behind the line of the opponent. A try is worth four points. When a try is scored the team then has the opportunity to play for a conversion.

A conversion is achieved by kicking the ball over the goal posts at the point where the try was scored. For this reason, it is very beneficial if a team converts the try under the goal posts, then the ball will be placed in front of the goal posts for the conversion to be attempted. The conversion is worth two points in the game of rugby league.

There is a third, but much less common way, of scoring points and that is trough a drop goal. A drop goal can be attempted at any point throughout the game and is worth one point. Tho score a player must have the ball in hand and then drop the ball, kick it before it hits the ground and it must go over the goal posts just like in a conversion.

One of the defining complexities in the game of rugby league is that players can only pass the ball in a backwards or sideways direction, they cannot pass forwards. Only the player holding the ball is allowed to be tackled and a tackle is considered complete when it has prevented the ball from being passed. A team is allowed 6 tackles before the ball is passed across to the other team.

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