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Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Jim Sturgess and Laurence Fishburne are the player staff, making this construction much more impressive.

I read the MIT in MIT, one of America’s best high schools, Campbell establishes dreams of entering the Medical Faculty of Harvard University. However, it needs a loaded amount of money to perform this imaginary. MICKY ROSA from MIT instructors has a five-person team of five people with successful students. One day Campbell also attracts the attention of the teacher and is included in this team. By counting the playing cards, this team is realized that this team, which managed to earn million dollars from Vegas’s safest casinos. Afterwards, the entertainment leaves the action-filled scenes.

GET SHORTY (TUT CLUCK), which is one of the best crime and comedy films of 1995, is replaced by the 6.9 IMDB score. John Travolta, Danny Devito, Gene Hackman and Rene Russo, which attracts attention with the experienced player staff, is a very fun film.

With the death of the patron of Momo, another mafia leader ray is appointed to find the Chili Palmer, which starts to work for “Bones” Barboni, the LEO Devoe, which started to work for Barboni. However, Devoe has begun to publish the news that he lost his life in a plane crash and Leo’s wife will take $ 300K to compensation from the airline after this accident. Learning this situation is the path to leave Devoe aside and to visit his wife. But at this time, LEO learns Devoe does not actually die. Palmer turns the route to Leo and a fun adventure has already begun.

Trance (Trans), one of the stories burning the brain (trans), he managed to hit the year 2013. This impressive construction, such as Rosario Dawson, James McAvoy and Vincent Cassel, is formed by the successful director of Danny Boyle, which is the most monitored and most admired films such as Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire. With 7.0 IMDB scores, the trans and the scenario of the scenario.

Trans; trans; one of the best and most impressive productions; Simon, which is a highly knowledgable auction manager on art series, is a cooperation with Gangster Franck and takes a valuable table. But in the event, he loses his memory with the impact that he has taken per the event and cannot remember where it stores the million dollars. This team, which is in a hypnosis specialist called Elizabeth, slowly Simon’s memory. But as the Simon returns its past, the curtain of a large secret is underway.

Four widow women with loaded amounts of debts have to pay their debts on their wives. The problem of this money that all has the common feature of all, is now rather boring. Will our extremely risky plan preparing this team will be able to reach coins in their dreams?

The famous director Steve McQueen’s lens follow the film’s player staff, Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki and Michelle Rodriguez are located.

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