The London Broncos

The London BroncosAfter looking at the history of the Bradford Bulls in the previous section, we will now look at another team the London Broncos. The London Broncos are interesting in that they are the only team from the south of England to have achieved any success. Rugby league is very much viewed a as a northern sport and is mainly made up of northern teams.

The team are based in Ealing in western London and primarily compete in the second division of the professional league, though in the past they have played in the Super League, which is the top league in the sport, such as the premiership in football. The London Broncos were set up in 1980, not seemingly out of love for the game but as an additional income stream for Fulham Football Club. It was in 1991 that the team became known as the London Crusexers and then in the year 1994 which they became known and the London Broncos. When they changed their name was also the period when they had the most success as a club and were able to compete in the Super League, the highest league in the game.

Many thinks happened to the team in their golden age between the years of 1994 and 2005, not only did they move stadium but in 1998 they had a very high profile investor in the team in the form of Virgin’s Richard Branson.

The team have played in a variety of kits and colours over the years but now they are well known for their team logo which is of a rhino. The colours which they currently use are silver and blue. They also adopted the original 1980’s kit as their away kit as a celebration of their roots. The club currently play in the second division.

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